praise is why i breathe

Whrn david said “let everything with breath praisr God” little did i know that praise why breathe

Have not noticed that only the living can praise God. Then you will discover that praise is why we exist.

Each one of us has an apointment wit with death only official window to eternity until rapture.

Before we meet our appointed time, we must coninue to praise

Because praise id why breath


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The hour has arrived when men will be able to fly without any artificial aid but will be able to fly into outer space by the help of the Holy spirit.. Its called rapture
Are you ready?

Afterthought 1.

There is nothing I disapprove of more than supervisors and managers who shout and scream at their subordinates! I also disapprove of a management style filled with threats. As far as I’m concerned, people who shout and scream, as well as constantly make threats to dismiss or demote a subordinate, are “violent” and “incompetent.”  I have no need for such people. These are bad habits passed on from colonial rule when grown men and women were treated as “boys” and “girls”!  Let’s not perpetuate such behavior as management; it’s oppression. Always treat others with dignity, even if you are upset with them.
By Strive Masiyiwa